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        The company's business objective is to build automotive parts and sanitary industry in the world of material base for the global public to provide brand services

        The main products of the company for the car synchronizer tooth ring with multi-brand copper alloy series (GB drafting unit), high-brass material series, self-lubricating copper alloy series, lead-free copper rod series and deep processing products
        Has reached a large-scale production, is expected to produce 6,000 tons, sales billing 120 million yuan, the product in short supply

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        Synchronous Ring Material Series

        This type of material is an important main product of the company, with two national invention patents, can design and manufacture all the brands that + More +
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        Eco-friendly Copper Material Series for Bathroom Products

        Bathroom environmental protection special copper series, including Europe + More +
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        Friction Pair Part Series

        Friction parts series mainly for the friction press equipment factory and friction presses to provide users with copper large nuts, + More +
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        High-strength Brass Series

        The high-brass series includes self-lubricating bearing base copper, alumina dispersion copper rods + More +
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